Completion 06-2016 – body construction completed, completed in paint, finished interior. Next milestone engine/transmission & chassis

First registration: 07-11-1964
55 power: KW / 75 HP
Displacement: 1600 cc
Exterior color: Slate Grey
Interior color: Leather black

History of the Porsche 356 C convertible:

In the 1964 model year, the 356 C replaced the 356 B. The choice of engines was reduced to three; the 60-HP variant was dropped. Instead the aggregate of B be 75 PS formed the basic engine 1600 Super for the C-series. The top engine option in the 356 C 2000 GS Carrera brought it to an output of 130 HP.

Visually, the C-differed very little from the B-series. Striking the changed rims with flatter Hubcaps without Porsche were coat of arms. The new hubcap design resulted from that now all standard were equipped 356er with disc brakes. In addition, the B-type received a round mirror.

The last Porsche 356 C was delivered in May 1966.

All 356er generations were each also available in an open version (Speedster, cabriolet or Roadster).

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