This Matching Porsche 911 (901) from 1965 with initial approval in the United States is selling the restoration project. He is one of the first vehicles of the series 0 and has the frame number 3005xx. The Porsche has spent nearly 50 years to the first owner who has rebuilt in the 80s to his mine car.

The vehicle was brought back from Nevada, and is already in the restoration operation. More pictures and information can please request them from us.

First registration: 21-02-1965
Power: KW 96 / PS 130
Displacement: 1991 cc
Exterior color:
Interior color:

History of the Porsche 911 Coupe VIN 3005xx:

In September 1963, Porsche at the IAA in Frankfurt introduced the successor of the Porsche 356 of public with the Porsche 901. Of the 901 series production finally started in September 1964. When Porsche exhibited the vehicle in October of the same year at the Paris Motor Show, he became French automaker Peugeot on the model carefully and registered a veto against it. The reason: Peugeot had them legally to protect three digit numbers with a zero in the Middle as the type designation.

Porsche then renamed the 901 in 911. This digit combination corresponds to the emergency phone number in the United States and was already well known on this important market for Porsche. Until the name, 82 units were produced by the 901 as a whole.

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